British media have ‘Russian images’ use of arrest Assange

One news agency has the images of a feral Assange at the Ecuadorian embassy created: Ruptly, linked to and supported by the Russian government. The British media were nowhere in sight. And now need the Russians to support.

All Over the world are the images of Julian Assange to see. Exclusive material of the whistleblower-that after seven years of self-exile in the Ecuadorian embassy in London, is arrested. Ruptly, a daughter of RT previously known as Russia Today – made as any of the images, writes The Guardian. The newspaper should be just like all the other British media, the images of Ruptly. While Assange under their nose is busted.

RT is a Russian station financed by the Kremlin and is active in the West. The news channel wants to be a counterweight against the Western media. Ruptly works from the same philosophy, wrote the journalist Paula Schmitt in a shocking testimony about her time at the agency.

Tipped or not?
Since five april, the day on which Wikileaks – the platform of Assange – had revealed that the 47-year-old whistleblower ‘within a few hours or days’ from the embassy would be taken, was Ruptly with a videoploeg to the embassy and parked. Also, the British television crews from the BBC, Sky News, ITN were initially twenty-four hours a day wait. According to The Guardian , spoke to the televisiemedia a rotational basis for the arrest is not to be missed. But they would this weekend have decided their action to cease because they no arrest expected.

Ruptly, however, continued to stand. The Guardian raises now the question of whether the agency tipped. Russia and RT have supported Assange over the past few years in his battle against the (American) government.

But the Italian Laura Lucchini, head of the news desk at Ruptly, writes the scoop to the hard work of the journalists. “We saw the camera crews come and go, but we stayed.” Ruptly is also all over the world to withdraw.

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