Blind Bought couple dissatisfied

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Wednesday, may Kim & Cédric their disappointment not to hide in the third episode of Blind Bought.

Last week was the happiness not with Bart and Els at the sight of their new home, for the other couple, Kim and Emilio and children Liam and Vince is the just swallow when they are tomorrow – Wednesday 10 april – for the first time in their house in Londerzeel walk. It will answer total not to their expectations and Cédric takes no sheet before the mouth: “You have the key of a house where you actually want to live in.”
Kim and Cédric wanting nothing more than in the heart of Londerzeel live and there is no discussion about that. But it seems an impossible task to manage within the budget of 285.000 euro a fun house to be found in this region. When buying agent, Béa eventually get after a heavy search a house on the head to tap, the couple is ecstatic. But the euphoria is short-lived, because on arrival in the house, they see the one major issue after another. Bart knows so what him to do.
D-Day for Anton & Roxana: they get their long-awaited Pippi Longstocking-house?

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