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Bitfinex allows Coin-trading now with no minimum Deposit – Coin Hero

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Bitfinex allows Coin-trading now without a minimum Deposit

Home News Bitfinex allows Coin-trading now without a minimum Deposit

Matthias Nemack –

While many competitors continue to minimum deposits for crypto accounts to provide for the exchange Bitfinex this hurdle now.

Bitfinex wants to allow new groups of customers, for trading

A number of well-known crypto exchanges is with your platforms, primarily to institutional investors who want to trade with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and countless other digital currencies. Also, the operator Bitfinex was for a long time to this group. The company had received the end of 2018 more attention, since it is part of analysis, is one of the few service providers in the industry, the correct volume of trade information, while a number of the leading sites worked according to the surveys with incorrect data. In any case, the commercial model provided in the home Bitfinex so far, also a higher minimum Deposit after account opening, which stood at EUR 10,000 or USD.

A lot of new customers could be won

Although there was no actual bans on private trade, indirectly, but such a minimum payment sum is, of course, quite an obstacle for investors who want to invest private money in crypto-currencies. The good news is: The crypto exchange Bitfinex has made the said minimum capitalization from the world. Thus, the company reacts according to his own statement, on the changes with a view to the interested parties who want to trade Ripple, Litecoin and other currencies on the platform. Of course, the hope to win in the market more and more important in the international competition behind the response to the increasing demand for customers with less lavish Budget.

Also in the case of customer service, and security to the stock market after equipping

The current changes in the business policies are the result of the work of six months, where Bitfinex has decided to open for new customers with other objectives than the previously oversaw clientele. The same time, the operator relies on a scope of customers richer support, to which, among other things, a Know-your-Customer-Portal. Further, an evaluation instrument should be brought to the Start, to ultimately bring more transparency. Faster order execution and greater safety would like to reach Bitfinex by new, specially developed Server technology. Traders with enthusiasm for the buying and selling of digital currencies on Wallets, define your Budget now so completely on its own, without requirements on the part of the portal.

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