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Binance is a partnership to strengthen the fight against money laundering – Coin Hero

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Binance is a partnership to strengthen the fight against money laundering

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Matthias Nemack –

As one of the leading kKrypto exchanges Binance is once again a good model against money laundering. Together with a new Partner.

Binance and the cipher-trace – a strong Team against ALM

If it’s not the big names of the industry, the difference in the fight against money laundering can think of, who else? This would, in some ways, the message from the house of Binance understand, because the platform is without question the largest and most important stock exchanges to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum and other Coins. The entire industry is at odds for years, with political criticism, and to afford too little in the sense of globally applicable Anti-Money-Laundering laws. Binance now wants to be in exactly this point, due to an important cooperation to a kind of model for the whole market.

The requirements of regulatory authorities should be executed

As a new Partner, the exchange has announced the service provider cipher trace. The 2015 launched by companies is not unknown, when topics such as data forensics, Anti-money laundering technology and other aspects of security in the crypto-context. Also controls in relation to compliance with and the implementation of regulatory provisions of a hobby-horse of the cipher-trace. No wonder that a whole series of relevant stock exchanges or representative of the Bank the world rely on the services of the specialists when it comes to the Transfer of new laws in practice. This applies of course also to the new Binance exchanges offer DEX, which is the end of the month to start.

The entire crypto world will benefit according to the cipher-trace

For Binance, the partnership is a key approach to increase customer confidence even more and state regulations. The controls, users will also play a role, in order for these to comply with the ALM rules. For the stock market, the cooperation has a number of advantages. Not least so that you can save even more the confidence of institutional clients, not least of all, but also of regulatory authorities. To allow for further stock market growth is, so to speak, are the focus of the new partnership, of course, basically, of self. This one goes in the house cipher trace as far as to see in the collaboration is a good step for the entire crypto industry.

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