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Binance DEX starts at the end of April – Coin Hero

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Binance DEX starts at the end of April

Home News Binance DEX starts at the end of April

Marcus Misiak –

Binance is looking forward to another great month with the launch of its decentralized Exchange (DEX) and a Fiat-to-Crypto exchange in Singapore. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao made the two announcements while currently in Seoul to be held Deconomy 2019 conference.

Binance opened the DEX back in February for public Tests and the Mainnet will now start later this month, so users can officially use the platform. CZ said: “Binance DEX expected that the launch of the Mainnet this month will take place”, quoted the Twitter Account of Binance the CEO during a presentation at the conference. It is still unclear what crypto the DEX currencies will begin, but it is expected to have further announcements in the course of the month. The DEX uses the Blockchain of Binance, the Binance Chain.

In addition, Binance is in the process of opening his third Fiat-to-Crypto exchange. After the introduction in Uganda (UGX-crypto-trade) and the Jersey stock exchange, the 58 nationalities Bitcoin and Ethereum in the Euro and the British pound can buy, will open the stock market now has a branch in Singapore, so that the users of crypto currencies, with the Singapore-can buy dollars. Until now, however, is not yet clear which crypto currencies to be listed on this exchange.

The impact on BNB

Any good news about Binance stock market also brings good news for the investors of the Binance Tokens (BNB), which has developed in the last few months, well above the average, and other crypto-currencies significantly exceeded. The Binance Coin is currently being traded for around US $ 19 (17.31 pass the Euro). Still on 1. January was a rating of BNB with only 6 US dollars.

The value of the NBB’s Token is in a certain connection with the business development of Binance. Binance offers rewards for users who are testing the Binance DEX with BNB, where Zhao stimulates the user to Act, by declaring that the stock market is offering about $ 100,000 in a Binance DEX Testnet trade competition. In addition, Binance offers reduced trading fees in the trade with the BNB. All in all, the increase of the positive developments in Binance can mean only good news for the Binance Token, the tendency to value wins, if Binance widely used, once again, good news.

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