‘Ben Affleck and girlfriend again’

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‘Ben Affleck and girlfriend again’

12 april 2019 04:29
12-04-19 04:29
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Ben Affleck would once again have broken with Lindsay Shookus, the girlfriend with whom the actor previously was before he allowed himself to be in a rehab. This time the distance between the two of them, broken up, reports US Weekly.

The magazine relies on an anonymous source. “She has a child, an ex-husband and a job on the Us east coast, while Ben with his children and ex-wife Jennifer Garner on the west coast to live. Affleck and Shookus are still crazy about each other, but think that this is not going to work,” said the source.

The anonymous source says that the actor is now on his family need to focus, because he there worked in the clinic. “His children and the relationship with his Garner have the highest priority.”

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