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Basketball player Elias Lasisi of Ostend risking heavy suspension after incident with the ref that against the plains

Ostend-player Elias Lasisi risks a heavy suspension after a violent incident with the referee on the night of Tuesday in the inhaalwedstrijd in and against Liege in the EuroMillions Basketball League, as evidenced by wedstrijdbeelden.

The Belgian Lion was in the beginning of the fourth quarter an error against the whistle in the Liege Country Hall and immediately caught white-hot anger to the referee, who, at that moment, with his back to him turned stood. With a well-aimed schouderduw he referee Nick Van den Broeck to the ground and remained there for a few seconds.

Lasisi was immediately excluded, but should be hereafter a heavy-duty suspension fear. On the voluntary infliction of blows or voluntary physical contact against officials, referees and non-officials are suspensions of four days to three years and a fine of 1,000 to 10,000 euros, according to article 56 of the rules of the Pro Basketball League.

Oostende won the inhaalwedstrijd eventually smooth with 67-91 and is in the position therefore again only the leader. It has one point at Antwerp, but that also has a inhaalmatch against Liege.

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