Ban on abortion in South Korea unconstitutional

dad06b037ad2f6ca885534c5d936446d - Ban on abortion in South Korea unconstitutional

The Constitutional Court in South Korea has a strict ban on abortion in the country, since 1953, in effect, unconstitutional explained. The law is not compatible with the constitution, was the opinion Thursday.

The judges have the South Korean parliament dedicated to the legislation by the end of 2020 on which way to modify it so that a termination of the pregnancy in an early stage. It is also not compatible with the constitution that doctors who abortions to perform are punished.

According to South Korean media had the Constitutional Court seven years ago have spoken for the preservation of the law in its current form.

South Korea is one of the last developed countries where abortion is illegal unless there is rape or incest, or when there is a risk for the mother.

The law of 1953, although on a large scale with feet entered, and the prosecution of women who have an abortion, rarely happens. But associations for a legalization advocate, denounced the fact that young women without sufficient financial means to expose oneself to the zwangerschapsonderbrekingen in poor hygienic conditions and the risk of social isolation.

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