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Auditor: QuadrigaCX should file for bankruptcy – Coin Hero

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Auditor: QuadrigaCX should file for bankruptcy

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Matthias Nemack –

The experts of Ernst & Young informed the competent court: The stock exchange, QuadrigaCX should finally submit the application on bankruptcy.

Insolvency, instead of the Revision of the corporate structures

Actually, many customers had had the examiners of the court, appoint firm Ernst & Young would come to the conclusion that to save the canadian company QuadrigaCX may. Now, however, everything points to the fact that the customers of the stock exchange for the trading of Bitcoin and other digital currencies, perhaps permanently, of the services of any other trading platform the trust. Because the EY specialists have submitted to the competent court in Nova Scotia a new Report. It is, in fact, as early as the fourth report in connection with a potential insolvency of the crypto stock exchange. The analysts, the auditors now recommend the initiation of the insolvency proceedings. A correction of the previous structures to the analysis for results. This contradicts the plans of the company, the self-reported in February, the pre-insolvency proceedings as a target.

Can Wallet content is still saved?

A key Argument is the “missing” Capital stock of the company. By the end of the year was in connection with the death of the stock market’s founder, Gerald Cotten known that QuadrigaCX have no access to the Wallets of the company, and thus to the funds. Cotten, the position of the stock exchange, rose was the only one who had the necessary access data. The debt of its clientele compared to the observer estimated at more than 176 million euros. The process of restructuring the platform to convert on the advice of the accountants at best in insolvency proceedings. Advantageously, the bankruptcy proceedings would last for the creditors. You had to know in March, for example, that a number of the company associated with Cold Wallets will be empty.

Attempting to save customers money

Because the Trustee might make in this case, the possession of the exchange of money to make payments to customers and lenders. And the experts go further in the report. Within a bankruptcy procedure, the active investigators would also get more space to solve the problems in-house Quadriga Coin Exchange. An application for the conservation of all the exchange-related funds was provided by Ernst & Young also now. This would also refer to the assets from the founder’s estate. Due to the concerns of a clear separation between corporate and private capital, the jokes Cottens and your assets would be affected.

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