‘Within a few days HAS been overcome’

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The victory on terreurbeweging Islamic State (IS) in Syria will ‘within a few days,’ announced. That has a commander of the Arab-Kurdish coalition Saturday declared.

With the support of the US leads the coalition fight against IS in eastern Syria. The jihadists would be driven back to an area of half a square kilometer in Baghouz.

Previously reported the Syrian Observatory for human Rights all that Baghouz would have fallen. But that seems to be, having regard to the communication from the Arab-Kurdish forces, what premature. Would the north of the village are liberated from IS militants.

The battle for Baghouz going on for a few weeks and is intense. It is, therefore, to the last, tiny bastion of the once mighty. Witnesses in the area tell about snipers, booby traps and zelfmoordbomauto. There is fought from house to house.

A few days ago, the commander of American troops in the region, Joseph Votel, that there is in Baghouz 500 to 1200 IS-fighters were.

That Baghouz lost is for IS is for sure. According to the Syrian Observatory Thursday and Friday, still some 400 jihadists their weapons down.

But also after the fall of Baghouz is not yet final reports. According to the American general Votel, there are still tens of thousands of IS fighters on free feet in Syria and Iraq, reported the Dutch newspaper NRC earlier this week. “They are scattered and divided, but there is still a line, there are fighters and there are people who are helping.’

Of course, also have hundreds of citizens Baghouz already fled. They told earlier this month that IS still hostages, who were kidnapped in 2012 or 2013, in life has taken to get as even a way out ‘to buy’. It would include the British journalist John Cantlie (49), which IS often in propagandavideo’s was staged, and the Italian jesuit Paolo Dall’Oglio (64).

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