Vatican puts controversial American cardinal McCarrick from office

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The Vatican has the former American cardinal Theodore McCarrick from all his rights as a priest. McCarrick is accused of sexual abuse. He loses his clerical status.

Last year, pope Francis already had a thorough investigation ordered in the archives of the Vatican. McCarrick (88) was once one of the most influential leaders of the American catholic church.

A disciplinary panel ruled today that the 88-year-old McCarrick has sinned against the sixth commandment – never do what unchastity is – “minors and adults”, with the aggravating factor of abuse of power’, it sounds in a communication from the Vatican.

He is now all his rights as a priest lost. (Strictly speaking, he remains the title priest retain, that can’t be undone, but he can the ministry not more exercise.) In any case it is a historical heavy penalty against a man from the highest circles of the catholic church.

Against the decision, that the approval of the pope was no resistance. The former cardinal, however, need no civil processes to fear because the facts are already statute-barred.

Sexual predator

In August last year, wrote Kurt Martens, who, as kerkjurist the misbruikdossiers all years of intensive follow, in our newspaper all about the cardinal: “Saturday 28 July 2018 was a historic day in the history of the church: for the first time since 1927 a cardinal resigned from the kardinalencollege and was that resignation by the pope is accepted. It went to no one less than the American cardinal Theodore McCarrick, archbishop emeritus of Washington and former bishop of Metuchen and archbishop of Newark.’

Martens went, in his article on the facts: “Last month it was announced that he was accused of sexual abuse of a minor, about 50 years ago and after investigation was the allegation as credible to be considered. But it didn’t. The New York Times came up with the story of a friend of the family who, since he was eleven years old, was being abused by McCarrick. The man was nota bene baptized by McCarrick, the first baptism that he, as a young priest had administered. Other things came to the top: stories of cross-border sexual behavior with seminarians and young priests. In short: a story of a sexual predator that used his power to get his way. Abuse of power in its purest form.’

The decision to McCarrick from the Church, comes not by chance now. About a few days calls the pope, many bishops from around the world convene for a summit on sexual abuse in the Church.

Harmful for the pope himself

The case of the American former cardinal has the pope himself also damage caused. Last summer, wrote to archbishop Carlo Maria Vigano, from 2011 to 2016 ambassador for the Vatican in Washington, in an extensive article that pope Francis is better resignation would take. According to him, the pope was by him in 2013 at the height of the abuse of Us cardinal Theodore McCarrick. Never went to a spiritual that was as high up in the church hierarchy as far in his criticism of the pope.

Remarkable: when the first scandals in the American catholic church have come to light nearly 20 years ago, McCarrick is still the man who on the basis of the stricter rules, which allow each selksueel abuse would be punished. He pleaded then for a zero tolerance.

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