Transgender falters during The Voice

c7809274afe40811318769cbf48b3208 - Transgender falters during The Voice

The story of Stefaan Degraeve in The Voice van Vlaanderen hold the viewers without a doubt to the throat, but the transgender knew the coaches did not convince with his version of “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. When he was in transition was from female to male putte, the rapper lot of strength from that number and that he wanted to transfer now to the audience of The Voice and of course the coaches. But who remained immune to the talent of the 31-year-old Stefaan.

Bart Peeters came after Stefaans audition even a word of explanation to give, and told him that he as a rapper, especially to invest in his own songs, his story is still better.

Stefaan did not only to The Voice, because he fully wants to go for a career as a rapper, but also for other transgender people, to inspire and to motivate.

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