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Thomas Vermaelen may further 90 minutes of play at Barcelona, that with the smallest difference wins of Real Valladolid

FC Barcelona this evening, no stitches to drop in La Liga. Against Real Valladolid, the number fifteen, it was 1-0 in the own Camp Nou. Lionel Messi scored just before the break the only goal via a penalty kick, late in the second half missed the little Argentinian a second penalty. Thomas Vermaelen played the full match by the match organiser.

After a mistake from Michel Gerard Piqué if Messi in minute 43 for the first time to build from the dot. The Flea kicked the ball hard in the lower-right corner, Valladolid goalkeeper Jordi Masip had no chance. Messi’s attempt in minute 85 was nearly identical, but slightly less well executed. Masip was there at the time, however, allowing the state 1-0, remained.

Barcelona thanks to the victory, still 7 points ahead of Atlético Madrid, that earlier in the day with 0-1 went win at Rayo Vallecano. Real Madrid, on Sunday, at 12 noon in own house plays against Girona FC, follow these steps to provisionally on 9 points.

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