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Studio 100 is working on new spektakelmusical

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Thanks to the success of the musical 40-45 works Studio 100 to a successor. No new war drama but a story about the late king Boudewijn.

Studio 100 sold all more than half a million tickets for the spektakelmusical 40-45.

It is therefore logical that the production company to a successor think. And again promises Studio 100 to a large-scale production, a full-length experience that our collective memory will appeal’.

The new musical will Baldwin called and about our former prince.

In the words of Studio 100: ‘The story of King Baudouin, that no ordinary biography. We have a viewpoint, and found that the key to a great review of a prince, a people and its nation.’

For this prestigious project Studio 100 again, together with Frank Van Laecke, which previously also was involved in Daens, 14-18 and 40-45.

Where and when the premiere continues is not yet known.

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