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Stoffel Vandoorne during Formula E race in Mexico first score

d821fd8da8c1dc23ee2a61e3874ca284 - Stoffel Vandoorne during Formula E race in Mexico first score

Today in Mexico the fourth race of the Formula E season. The belgian Stoffel Vandoorne hopes in Mexico, his first points of the season to achieve.

During the Formula E race in Chile reed Vandoorne in sixth position when he make a mistake in a turn and subsequent crash had to give up. For Vandoorne was the third race in a row without points.

In Mexico, his points might be possible, at least, that is also the goal that his team for the race in Mexico first.

“It is not so very long ago since I was in Mexico was,” looks Vandoorne forward to the Formula E race in Mexico. “I drove at the end of last season, the F1-race in Mexico. I am really glad that I go to Mexico can return.”

“The fans are growing enormously euphoric, they shout and cheer for each rider. It is always a special feeling to the stadium area to ride, where always a lot of spectators.”

Despite the fact that Vandoorne in Mexico has experience from Formula 1 will be our fellow countryman it little have during the Formula E race.

“The current layout is, however, completely new for me, since only one bend is the same as on the F1 circuit. I look, however, very hard to the race.”

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