Shooting near Chicago: five civilians dead

b39096bb98ca639d9bd4c8508fa8ccdb - Shooting near Chicago: five civilians dead

In a shooting at a business in the town of Aurora, near the American city of Chicago, five civilians died. The shooter was later killed in a shootout with the police.

A man of 45 Friday afternoon, the fire opened in a company in an industrial park in Aurora, about 64 kilometers west of Chicago, in the north of the United States. In addition, five men, employees of the company, died.

The man himself, Gary Martin, survived his actions, either.

The police were quickly on the spot and was almost immediately shot by the perpetrator. Two police officers were thereby injured. Gary Martin escaped, and entrenched herself in the company. When the police discovered where he was hiding loved, there was a new shootout in which three policemen were hit. The perpetrators themselves came to be.

The police themselves have been previously slightly wounded.

The whole violent incident lasted an hour and a half. At that time there were about thirty people at work in the company.

The offender was not long ago fired from the company where he yesterday wanted to avenge. One of his ex-colleagues said that the man clearly came to kill and a gun with a laser light for better aiming.

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