Ruth Becquart is often the bad guy

3a748caa07242124f0f59d83e2db64ce - Ruth Becquart is often the bad guy

Ruth Becquart often plays strict women in tv-series. Is it because of her appearance, that slightly arrogant? “I always say to the people: in real life I am a keitoffe. Than scare them,” says Ruth in The Latest News. “But you have a point, of course. I look at my mother. I have her long nose. A jodinnenneus. That is why I was also so happy with the role of Sandy in ‘Chaussée d’amour’. Once a other side. I play often the bitch. The cold woman. So it goes in the acting: you get to roll to your appearance. I was a sphere, round face, I would probably boerendochterrollen.” (laughs)

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