Riots at a demonstration against government in Albania

484d861cee285eb93fbaece7db941049 - Riots at a demonstration against government in Albania

In the Albanian capital Tirana have been riots erupted during a demonstration against the government. The police used tear gas and water cannon at thousands of demonstrators to keep away from the office of prime minister Edi Rama, reports the local channel Klan TV.

The opposition had called for the demonstration. The protest turned to violence. Demonstrators attacked the office of Rama with fireworks and stones. It killed windows and the front door. The state capitol was attacked, but the protesters got there. Rama was not in Tirana during the riots.

The Democratic Party, the main opposition party in Albania, accuses Rama and his Socialist Party of corruption, nepotism and links with organized crime. It demands the resignation of the government and wants a technocratic transitional government in the saddle, for early elections to prepare for.

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