Reactions after the loss of points PSV to Heerenveen

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Reactions after the loss of points PSV to Heerenveen

16 February 2019 18:23
16-02-19 18:23
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In the Premier league are Saturday four duels on the program. AZ-VVV-Venlo (3-0), sc Heerenveen-PSV (2-2) and Heracles Almelo-Fortuna Sittard (6-0) have already been played. Vitesse and Willem II conclude the evening. Follow all matches in our liveblog.

Vitesse-Willem II 2-1

sc Heerenveen-PSV 2-2
Heracles Almelo-Fortuna Sittard 6-0
AZ-VVV-Venlo 3-0sc Heerenveen-PSV · 3 minutes ago

The players of Heerenveen have been very disappointed after being in the 95th minute of the victory against PSV through their fingers to see Heerenveen-PSV · 4 minutes ago

Donyell Malen celebrates his hit in the fifth minute of the injury time, which he PSV at the end of a point against Heerenveen helps.Vitesse-Willem II · 11 minutes ago62′ GOAL for Willem II! 2-1

Willem II is not yet won and makes the aansluitingstreffer. Alexander Isak shoots the ball against Vyacheslav Karavaev, but see the ball, therefore, very slowly alongside Eduardo reels. The Swedish striker picks the ball directly from the goal, the people of tilburg have on a good result.Vitesse-Willem II · 13 minutes ago59′ GOAL Vitesse! 2-0

The home side doubled the margin and is sitting on roses. A shot from Martin Ödegaard is touched by a Tilburg leg and fly this along the stray Timo Wellenreuther in the Heerenveen-PSV · 19 minutes agoDumfries: ‘Have not learned of Utrecht’
“So you really can not start game. Then we come quickly and we must be in the chase. That happened last week also”, refers Denzel Dumfries to the match against FC Utrecht last week, when PSV just like tonight, a 2-0 gap to undo the had to make. “We get excellent back, but it had to come from far away. We had last week have to learn, but that we have apparently not done. It is very acid and unnecessary, we can be a lot of bales.”Vitesse-Willem II · 23 minutes ago

46′ We still have 45 minutes of football to go on this Eredivisie-Saturday and there are Vitesse and Willem II just started. The people from arnhem lead 1-0 thanks to a goal of ‘kopspecialist’ Bryan Heerenveen-PSV · 25 minutes agoThe Young: ‘Point gained’
“Ultimately, we have here a point won, because for the same money you lose here,” is the first reaction of Luuk de Jong after he was with PSV in extremis with 2-2 gelijkgespeeld in and against Heerenveen. “In the first half of his three chances, and they use two, that should be a times past are with us. In the second half we kept the pressure on and came to Heerenveen not really there anymore. We did a lot wrong, it should not happen that you have to struggle to get even a point to pick up.”sc Heerenveen-PSV · 32 minutes ago

PSV in slotseconde next to Heerenveen
A moderate playing PSV in the nick of time the second defeat in the Premier league was able to prevent. In the province of Friesland is sc Heerenveen by hits of Mitchell van Bergen and Michel Vlap with 2-0, but goals from Gaston Pereiro and Donyell Malen, the leader still point back to Eindhoven. At the end of Times is only in the fifth minute of the injury time. Ajax may be tomorrow the gap on PSV to shrink to four Heerenveen-PSV · 37 minutes ago90+5′ GOAL PSV! 2-2

It is not to believe, but PSV are dragging a point for the gates of hell away. Donyell Times more great play along Kik Pierie, and slide the end inside. For the eighth time this season, scoring the Locals in the injury time.Heracles Almelo-Fortuna Sittard · 38 minutes ago

Heracles thanks to a quartet Dalmau spacious along Fortuna
With a resounding 6-0 victory at Fortuna Sittard has Heracles Almelo victory over Ajax is a good follow up. In Almelo is Adrian Dalmau the big man with four hits, while also Jesper Drost and Kristoffer Peterson to score. Heracles is now sixth and continues to participate in the Heerenveen-PSV · 40 minutes ago

90+1′ Five minutes of injury time PSV has yet to loss to avert. Mark van Bommel is heading for his second competitienederlaag as a trainer of the Locals.Heracles Almelo-Fortuna Sittard · 43 minutes ago

Adrian Dalmau is the second player of Heracles Almelo and four times scored in a Premier league match and the first in Almelo. Oussama Tannane made on 22 August 2015, four goals to visit at SC Heerenveen-PSV · one hour ago

85′ The final stage is now truly arrived in the province of Friesland. You get the idea that PSV against a final group, but the leader has several times demonstrated out of nothing to score, especially in the last minutes of the game.AZ-VVV-Venlo · one hour geledenRon Vlaar celebrates his 34th birthday today and got out of his penalty box in a 3-0 victory at VVV-Venlo gift.

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AuteurAZMoment of plaatsen20:48 – 16 February 2019sc Heerenveen-PSV · one hour geleden81′ PSV go full on the attack play. Attacker Donyell Malen comes in for defender Daniel Schwaab. The Locals have this season are already in the final stage, managed to score and that is now necessary to the second defeat of the season to Heerenveen-PSV · one hour geleden79′ A header from De Jong gives Hahn the opportunity with a showdive to the ball to fly. The time is going to penetrate for Heerenveen-PSV · one hour ago,78′ GOAL Heracles Almelo! 6-0

It will only get better for Heracles Almelo, and in particular for Adrién Dalmau. The Spaniard makes his fourth hit of the evening. It is a high score for the Almeloë Heerenveen-PSV · one hour geleden77′ Johnsen is struggling along the Dumfries and pulls out. Sweet see the ball to his relief, on the lat explain splashing. This is still a hot day in the province of Friesland.Heracles Almelo-Fortuna Sittard · one hour ago,70′ GOAL Heracles Almelo! 5-0

What a luxury to Heracles. After the 1-0 victory at Ajax is Fortuna Sittard, Almelo, the netherlands all search played. Kristoffer Peterson may also be a coin in the bag to do and let the fifth is notable for the Heerenveen-PSV · one hour ago

69′ PSV still has a quarter of the game to be a defeat to turn away. The Locals insist, but must watch out for the counters of Heerenveen-PSV · one hour geleden66′ Heerenveen let himself again in the vicinity of Jeroen Zoet. The PSV keeper could be a rollertje of Michel Vlap easy to pick up.Heracles Almelo-Fortuna Sittard · one hour ago

It is the evening of Adrién Dalmau in Almelo, the netherlands. The Spaniard makes three goals and also an assist, and is therefore personally responsible for the 4-0-ahead of Heracles at Fortuna Sittard. And then the game is still on…Heracles Almelo-Fortuna Sittard · one hour geleden62′ PSV power and on the hunt for the equalizer. A good attempt of Bergwijn is by Hahn, from the crossing of tapped.Heracles Almelo-Fortuna Sittard · one hour ago,59′ GOAL PSV! 2-1

There is PSV then back into the contest. Gaston Pereiro takes a free-kick over the wall and beats Warner Hahn. It is his last ball-contact for the Uruguayan, who directly after his hit is being exchanged.Heracles Almelo-Fortuna Sittard · one hour ago60′ GOAL Heracles Almelo! 4-0

Adrién Dalmau plays the match of his life. The Spaniard picks up the ball on their own half after a repulsed Fortuna-attack, goes half the field and rounds off nicely with a stiftje.Heracles Almelo-Fortuna Sittard · one hour ago,56′ GOAL Heracles Almelo! 3-0

It must be crazy to walk wants to Heracles here, not the second victory in a row books. Two-time goalscorer Adrién Dalmau acts this time as a principal at the goal from Jesper Drost, who the cross of the Spaniard well Heerenveen-PSV · one hour geleden53′ PSV in a hurry and that makes the occasional frustrations. Also coach Van Bommel, that yellow will get because of comments on the guidance.Heracles Almelo-Fortuna Sittard · one hour ago,51′ GOAL Heracles Almelo! 2-0

Heracles draws the line against Ajax by against Fortuna Sittard. Adrién Dalmau makes his second by a measured cross from Brandley Kuwas precisely contrary to Heerenveen-PSV · one hour geleden48′ Again is a goal of PSV rejected. Denzel Dumfries thinks 2-1 to tap, but the play is offside when Luuk de Jong the ball extends.Vitesse-Willem II · one hour ago5′ GOAL Vitesse! 1-0

According to his passport is Bryan Linssen 1.70 meters, but the captain of Vitesse develops into a real kopspecialist. He comes to a cross much higher than his direct opponent, which really is a head taller. The header then disappears with a bow in the far corner. Of the last seven goals made Linssen, five with his Heerenveen-PSV · one hour ago

46′ The second half in the province of Friesland has begun. PSV still has 45 minutes to the second competitienederlaag of the season to avoid. Hirving Lozano is in the dressing room, left, the Mexican has been replaced by Cody Gakpo.Vitesse-Willem II · one hour geleden1′ In Arnhem was also the last Premier-league-match today started. Vitesse will receive Willem II, that the difference in the ranking can be reduced to two points.Heracles Almelo-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago

Also, in Almelo, the netherlands search the teams to the dressing. Heracles leads thanks to a race off the shelves with 1-0 against Fortuna Sittard. Adrién Dalmau is the only one that up to now on the Heerenveen-PSV · 2 hours ago

Heerenveen and PSV will go to the tea in the province of Friesland. The leader looks at a 2-0-deficit and runs the risk that Ajax tomorrow given the chance the deficit to be cut in half. By goals from Mitchell van Bergen and Michel Vlap to the Locals in the chase in the second Heerenveen-PSV · 2-hour geleden38′ There is PSV close to the aansluitingstreffer! Bergwijn see the ball at his feet, fall after a chopped ball and ramming him hard on the pole. The Locals are keen to have for the rest of the backlog to reduce.AZ-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours ago

AZ puts unbeaten series to continue
The chain of victories of AZ after the winter break continues. The Alkmaarders win in your own home easy with 3-0 to VVV-Venlo and now have five matches in a row won without a goal to collect. Guus Lift and Mats Seuntjens score on behalf of AZ, between passes Nils Röseler his own goalkeeper. By the victory of AZ are still only two points behind at number three Feyenoord, a match less Heerenveen-PSV · 2-hour geleden34′ Heerenveen, the netherlands remains fully committed to attack. Of Mountains, it has the chance to be second, but is aiming now Heerenveen-PSV · 2-hour geleden31 ” The greatest chance for PSV until now is by chance. A free-kick from Pereiro from the side’s sailing smack against the Heerenveen-PSV · 2 hours ago

Jorrit Hendrix pept quantity at PSV and that is necessary also. The Locals explain it to temporarily off against Heerenveen, they earned at Heerenveen-PSV · 2-hour geleden27′ PSV thinks the aansluitingstreffer to make, but the goal is disallowed because Luuk de Jong Warner Hahn to knock down Heerenveen-PSV · 2 hours ago25′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 2-0

PSV is in deep trouble. Michel Vlap turns pretty freely in the sixteen and puntert the ball with a curve in the far corner. The Marbles here the title exciting again?sc Heerenveen-PSV · 2-hour geleden22′ far beyond Friesland is shouted for a penalty after a shot of Lammers on the arm of a PSV’. Referee Kamphuis waves the protests, however, firmly of the hand and put the ball on the Heerenveen-PSV · 2 hours ago

Mitchell of Mountains runs cheering away after the opening goal against PSV. The nineteen-year-old attacker makes only his first Eredivisie goal in a home Heerenveen-PSV · 2-hour geleden13′ Heerenveen remains in the same foot go ahead and put PSV well under pressure. A cross is just not on the head of Sam Lammers, who his old club pain could have Heerenveen-PSV · 2 hours ago

The goal Of Mountains after two minutes, and 22 seconds is the fastest still in strong position for PSV since 20 march 2016, when Arek Owned on behalf of Ajax after one minute and twelve seconds, the score was opened in Eindhoven. It is also the fastest goal ever for Heerenveen in the Eredivisie against Heerenveen-PSV · 2 hours ago3′ GOAL sc Heerenveen! 1-0

The rain early goals in the Eredivisie. Mitchell of Mountains attracts from right-to-inside and out. The shot from the winger is not a problem, because Nick Viergever the ball concerns and Jeroen Zoet also doesn’t look right, the ball inside the far corner. PSV season, that this season is not yet all-too-often happened.AZ-VVV-Venlo · 2 hours ago61′ GOAL AZ! 3-0

The points go in Alkmaar remain. Mats Seuntjens makes the third for AZ. The striker is well turned away by Oussama Idrissi and kogelt the ball under Lars Unnerstall.Heracles Almelo-Fortuna Sittard · 2 hours ago1′ GOAL Heracles Almelo! 1-0

Before the contest well and truly begun, Heracles already on edge. A failed shot of Mohamed Osman is to the goal promoted by Adrién Dalmau. Typical spitsengoal of the Spaniard, who is in the right place to get the ball within Heerenveen-PSV · 2-hour geledenHeerenveen the last few years with the right of the angstgegner of PSV to name a few.

16 – Since 2012-13, PSV have dropped more points away from home against @scHeerenveen (16 – D2 L4) than in away games against any other opponent. Nerves.


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