More than 40,000 yellow vests on the street in France

50c7eea98dc6267a1b4a9d835e95a940 - More than 40,000 yellow vests on the street in France

It is already the fourteenth Saturday in a row that the cardigans jaunes to the streets in France. The protest has in the whole of France is still 41.500 people in the street, given, of whom 4,000 are in the capital, Paris.

It reports the ministry of Internal Affairs. Last week were still 51.100 people on the street came, of whom 4,000 in Paris. According to the official figures, which by the yellow bibs are challenged, the supporters of the protest movement during the ‘act 14’ is thus still further diminished.

The protest was largely peaceful. In Paris, the police only with a few isolated incidents of tear gas being deployed. In Marseille, Bordeaux and Strasbourg are no incidents reported. In Toulouse have a few hundred people take a while to do the access to a branch of Amazon is blocked.

Yellow vests run over in Rouen

In a manifestation of the yellow bibs in the French city of Rouen, is a motorist Saturday afternoon, several activists broken in. According to the prefecture of Seine-Maritime wanted the driver to around 16.30 hours the manifestation traverse. When the vehicle is in the middle of the campaigners was, according to the police several yellow vests in the car, start saving.

The director, who, together with his wife and their baby in the car, accelerated to a way out of the manifestation to jobs. It became at least three activists injured. They were transferred to the hospital. According to the police, the driver reported on the police department.

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