Large fireball over the Netherlands and Flanders

Large fireball over the Netherlands and Flanders

Over large parts of the Netherlands and Flanders have dozens of people last night a little after nine hours of a huge fireball seen. Nothing unusual, however.

Especially in the Netherlands, many people notice the spectacle in the sky.

Reporter Martin Drent of RTV Noord saw a ‘ very bright, blue lichtkogel who fell down’. “I first thought it was fireworks, but he was much higher. Saw him in a southerly direction. It Was a bit lower in the air, not right over Groningen, but very bright and clear.’

The weather station Zoersel, for example, collected the observations on his facebook page.

Weatherman Frank Deboosere came quickly with a logical explanation for the phenomenon. It was going to be an ordinary falling star, or meteor.

‘Because it is a very clear instance was, and also clear and dry weather, was it very visible. And that explains why so many people last night the phenomenon have seen.’

A falling star or meteor is a dust particle from space that the earth enters and burns. It collides at high speed against molecules in the air. This comes at about 100 km altitude energy is released in the form of a flash of light that we from the ground can be seen as a falling star.

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