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KV Oostende can already for the eighth time in a row not winning

18134ceae9ff1e86ed5e5fae29f38273 - KV Oostende can already for the eighth time in a row not winning

KV Oostende has already for the eighth league game in a row can not win. At home against Eupen seemed, however, a dream in the making when the barely 19-year-old jeugdproduct Robbie D’haese at his first goals of the season, also 1-0, with a goal of Yuta Toyokawa ensured a 1-1 draw. Eupen is therefore mathematically certain of retaining.

Because Sutter is ziekjes felt, he took the evening on the sofa. In the fifteenth minute was the powerhouse is still warming up because Guri was bleeding on the turf after the Albanian arm of Blondelle full in the face. Guri could withstand a beating and The Sutter allowed to return to the bank. Also the fixed values Vandendriessche (24 basisplaatsen) and Canesin (23 basisplaatsen) received from Gert Verheyen no place to kick off. The only victim of the narrow Eupense defeat against Kortrijk was Milicevic. He had to settle with a bankzitje. Claude Makélélé placed Pollet in the basis in addition to the ten man last weekend.

The first sting came on the Ostend side. A distant ball ended up using Nastic for purpose but D’haese, this season is a little over fourteen minutes in the team, stroked the leather too soft. Van Crombrugge picked up the ball to easily. After twenty minutes, UNTIL a new beckoning miss a chance. Brown showed Bushiri on the spot but tried to be polite Guri to reach. The visitors intercepted easily these unneeded pass.

When Fall the KVO-defence voorbijsnelde, pulled Lombaerts to the emergency brake. Fall fell in the sixteen but ref Smet wrote down the error correctly outside of the rectangle. The vrijetrap yielded nothing. Two minutes later there was danger on the other side. D’haese snatched from right and targeted Van Crombrugge with a low slider. The keeper beat the ball away, and had a second time scramble on the rebound from Guri. The same two Oostendenaars, Guri and D’haese, were also central to the following Ostend attack. At first it seemed Guri the to screw up is by being objective in the face of Brown to kick. The midfielder, sags down, the game went further, and D’haese blasted the ball past Van Crombrugge: quite a deserved lead. Halfway through the match proved two digit proportions this also: 8-0 in the end, 5-0 in shots inside the goal posts, every time in a KVO-advantage.

Asked in a weak second half showed Garcia and Fall immediately to the will of Eupen to do better than the rest. Something to pass the hours, UNTIL the sterile control again. Verheyen also showed his experienced duo Canesin-Vandendriessche raids. Vandendriessche had barely ten minutes for his tenth yellow of the season to collect. Also scored Toyokawa after corner kick from Garcia is still the equalizer.

For the eighth day in a row, if KVO the slaak of a victory, not trials. And that is acid to the sea.

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