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‘Immigratiepolitie endorses rapper because of lyrics’

b216bca99f544328e5ab83dcef4f1ad4 - ‘Immigratiepolitie endorses rapper because of lyrics’

Rapper 21 Savage, who may be the US will be turned off because he does not have the necessary papers, duly endorsed because he is in a song has spoken about the abuses on the Mexican-American border, so says one of his lawyers.

The 26-year-old rapper, whose real name Sha-Yaa Bin Abraham, Joseph, was on February 3 arrested in Atlanta by the federal immigratiepolitie. He came in 2005, as a British teenager to the US, together with his mother and brothers, but his visa was only valid for a year.

21 Savage sat to Wednesday in custody in the state of Georgia, but if after paying a deposit of $ 100,000 provisionally, pending his trial.

Friday he told his story in Good morning America and how he was arrested when he took his driving was. ‘They said nothing, only “we Savage”. No doubt this was purposeful, ” says the rapper, who in 2017, however, a request for a new visa had been submitted. That request is currently being processed.

Also his lawyer, Alex Spiro, who was hired by rapper Jay-Z, believes that there is more to the hand of a 21 Savage was targeted because he was a well known rapper and because of his music.

His arrest came a day after the video clip for ‘A lot’ was discharged. The text about how families are separated at the Mexican-American border. ‘Been through some things, but I couldn’t imagine, my kids stuck at the border’, it sounds.

“There are several peculiarities to this case,” says Spiro. ‘His visa has been applied for, he is acting in good faith, he acts, he gives back to the community. He is a son, a father, and yet they put this unusual step for him to arrest.’

Bryan Cox, spokesman for the federal immigratiepolitie, confirms that the arrest of the rapper as was scheduled, because he was convicted in a drugszaak from 2014. This is, however, contradicted by the lawyer of the rapper. “There is only question of a one-time violation with marijuana when he was young, but that file is handled.’

21 Savage was this year nominated for two grammys, but the award ceremony last Sunday, so unable to attend. In addition to Jay-Z have also Cardi B, Meek Mill, and Offset it all for him included.

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