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Cryptopia – the stock market again soon, the shops? – Coin Hero

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Cryptopia – the stock market again soon, the shops?

Home News Cryptopia – take the stock exchange for the transactions?

Matthias Nemack –

The exchange-Cryptopia is one of the first major Hacker-Victims of 2019. Now the platform could be opened after a few weeks.

High damage and temporarily closing

The reports on the recent hacking attack at the Krytobörse Cryptopia made quickly in the digital world – as always, if, as a result of an attack on a Wallet or a trading platform in the case of an emergency admission. Serious case meant in the said scenario from the January 2019, the new Zealand platform had to confess to your users with a damage in the amount of approximately $ 23 million. In addition, the stock market was closed for the time being, so customers had no access to their accounts. Now there is finally hope for the operators and the customers alike.

Authorities satisfied with the previous investigation work

The police investigator granted to employees for the first time, access to the company building. Also, the stock exchange, as such, can’t seem to open their doors again, as it is called from the environment of the investigating authorities. Cryptopia itself has not yet responded officially on the good news. Maybe the shock is a few weeks after the Hack is still to low, maybe you are working but also not too eager to optimizations that, without a doubt, required following such an attack by cyber criminals. Especially as The investigations continue to run, even if Management could record basically the shops again. Recently, there had been many messages about the fact that different stock exchanges such as QuadrigaCX and other providers to victims of hackers have become attacks.

Two successful attacks on the stock market

Cryptopia is a dramatic example, because only two weeks after the said Hack were, once again, were cleared to 17,000 Wallets with a total volume of nearly 1,700 ETH of Criminal empty. This shock must be overcome, the company is now, and new security options. The police have nothing against a re-recording of the transactions is a major step to have the customer to win trust back.

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