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Charleroi wins thanks to a goal in injury time still of Kortrijk

fbe1ec960b86d1d6cc54ebe62f1bdd9a - Charleroi wins thanks to a goal in injury time still of Kortrijk

Charleroi Saturday night KV Kortrijk knocked off with 1-2. The Kortrijkzanen were up early in the second half the lead came thanks to a goal from Imoh Ezekiel, but a penalty of Ryoto Morioka brought the Zebras again at the same height. Then, the home team is still strong, but in the 94th minute gave substitute Jérémy Perbet visitors even full loot. Charleroi comes along with AA Gent and Anderlecht on the sixth place.

Kortrijk knew in advance what it needed to do and wanted to still be able to compete for Play-Off 1. With a win, jumps the Guys on Charleroi to eighth place. Vanderhaeghe brought changes. Kagelmacher came back from suspension and Ezekiel was the preferred choice on Stojanovic to the sick, to the Chevalier to replace. Speed for speed, so the Nigerian should seize the chance. Mazzu carried out one change by: Diandy, at the expense of Hendrickx.

Also Charleroi was burned on the victory, after the two out of nine obtained in the last three matches. It was also the Carolo’s best to the match started. Diandy pulled on the dropping ball, but his shot hit the cover strip. The rebound came again to his feet, after which the Senegalese the ball at the elbow from D’haene fell, his arms in the air, the love and Verboomen pointed decisively to the spot.

Kortrijk was threatened so already after four minutes in a sticky situation, but Massimo Bruno kicked incomprehensible weak and Bruzzese could easily tackle. Kortrijk took a relieved breath and seemed shaken up. The response came via D’haene, who hit the ball low voorbracht, which Ouali entirely detached (and from buitenspelpositie, ed.) the ball is still not over Penneteau got.

The game then went back and, with Kortrijk as the better team. Just for the fifteen minutes seemed wages to work to get. Avenatti headed to Lepoint, that the doctrine in Ezekiel extended. The Nigerian headed home then to target, Penneteau to beat, but Verboomen ruled that the doctrine is not on the line. Then it went quickly to the other side, where Ouali, and just before the sixteen meters Nurio stop. It came to him on a yellow card and the Guldensporenstadion was on fire. On the ensuing free kick and shot Desoleil weak in the wall.

Devil in a box

Kortrijk remained the better team with smooth combinations. On the half hour, painted by Van Der Bruggen the ball on the head of Ezekiel, already falling against the post headlined. In the subsequent action was the Nigerian still meters offside when he got the ball inside tapped.

In the second period had Vanderhaeghe his Guys made it clear that they have higher had to go play football, and that paid off almost immediately. D’haene played well and brought the ball to Batsula that Ezekiel, deep sent. The Nigerian refined registrations and are speed good, Angela could not follow, Desoleils tackle came too late and Ezekiel worked clean. 0-1 for the Guys. After the goal kept the Guys boss, without the lead double.

And there took advantage of the Charleroi to equal. If a devil from a box came Morioka eye-to-eye with Bruzzese. Bruzzese took the Japanese down and Verboomen be for the second time to the dot. Bruno let the leather wisely to Morioka, the team credentials and stay up flawlessly for converting to in the top right corner.

With a draw shot no of the two teams a little and so put them both everything. That resulted in a nervous atmosphere and, therefore, Verboomen his cards over. He shared no less than eight (!) from. Also there were a lot of opportunities. Penneteau had a good parade in the house at a shot of The Sart. Bruzzese did that piece of art to Kortrijk side. The match seemed heading for a draw, but nota bene Perbet did the light off for the Kortrijk. The ex-player of the Guys slipped through the offside trap by Lepoint too late, stepped in and worked coldly by the legs of Bruzzese. He refused to cheer against his ex-team, but the Guys now, however, the final blow in the battle for Play-Off 1. Charleroi may thanks to the unlikely three points, still quietly dreaming of a place in the coveted first six.

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