Can Axel Daeseleire a child buy?

a072125d162c79dbadeb1da4f3fbaa39 - Can Axel Daeseleire a child buy?

Thursday start Traffic, Axel Four. Just as Axel Lit pull Axel Daeseleire undercover in the direction of shadowy underbelly of the world. With one question. “What is there to purchase in the world?”, Axel is in The Interest of the province Of limburg. “Especially the things that still has to be special. Or illegal. Can I have a child buy? A woman? A kidney? A taxidermied exotic animals? How does that work, and what people do that? Is it effectively possible?” Questions that he’s a resounding yes got in places like India, Ukraine, Nepal and Namibia. “Here we go on a visit to a trofeeënjager. Someone who has already been doing for many years, absolute supporter of the hunting and peace of mind. But we can of course also be people of the word that it is morally irresponsible to find, because, according to them, for purely economic reasons.

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