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Actor Bruno Ganz death

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Bruno Ganz as Adolf Hitler.

The Swiss actor Bruno Ganz, known for his role as Adolf Hitler in ‘Der Untergang, is overlden. He was 77 years old.

Ganz has his battle against cancer is lost, and is in Zurich died. That confirms his management.

He was one of the important contemporary German-speaking actors. With us, he is especially known for his role as Adolf Hitler in the controversial film Der Untergang by director Oliver Hirschbiegel. The 2004 film, gives a picture of the last twelve days in the life of the German dictator. Ganz’ portrayal in the movie was amazing.

Recently he also played a role in The house that Jack built by Lars von Trier.

Ganz grew up in Zurich as the son of a Swiss factory worker and an Italian mother. As a student he discovered the theatre. Later, in the seventies, he focused on film. He worked together with Werner Herzog, Ridley Scott and Francis Ford Coppola.


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