Actor Bruno Ganz (77) death

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The Swiss actor Bruno Ganz is at the age of 77 died of cancer. That has its management today announced. Ganz was well known for his roles as Adolf Hitler in “Der Untergang” (2004) and as Damiel in “Der Himmel über Berlin” (1987).

Ganz was one of the most important German-speaking actors, both in the theater and in the film world. He grew up in Zurich as the son of a Swiss factory worker and an Italian mother. Already during his school period, he discovered his passion for the stage.

After his first roll, he arrived in Bremen in contact with Peter Stein, a director with whom he several times collaborated. In the by him established the Berliner Schaubühne, in the seventies the center of the European theatre, played Ganz, among others, the lead role in “Peer Gynt”. A few years ago, well-known Ganz that he at that time had an affair with Romy Schneider.

Mid-seventies, explained Ganz focused on movies. In the film adaptation of “die Marquise von O.” in 1976 he played the Count, one of the leading roles. Later followed performances in the horror film “Nosferatu” (1978) and the political drama “Die Fälschung” (1981). The largest acquired an international reputation Ganz, however, only in 2004 for his role in “Der Untergang”, about the last days of Hitler.

Last summer, it would be Ganz at the Salzburger Festspielen the role of narrator in the Mozart opera “die Zauberflöte”, but that was impossible. On urgent doktersverzoek said he down for that role. Ganz died today in Zurich.

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