Winston Churchill falls from its pedestal

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A villain. That said, the British Labour member of parliament John McDonnell on the question during a panel discussion at Winston Churchill to describe. The ‘greatest Briton’ criticize, the man who the nazis defeated, was in Britain for a long time no evidence. But recently allowed it apparently. Because yes, the national hero, had actually a lot of accumulates. An anthology in four penalty Churchill-quotes.

The hard stakingbreker: ‘Drive the rats back into their holes, and’

Churchill, a villain? Mp McDonnell was referring with his remark that the social media in the Uk did explode, to the …

The hard stakingbreker: ‘Drive the rats back into their holes, and’

Churchill, a villain? Mp McDonnell was referring with his remark that the social media in the Uk did explode, to the riots of Tonypandy, a mijndorp in South Wales. There were in 1910 to 25,000 miners for a year on strike. To Churchill, then minister of the Interior, a police force of 2,000 agents sent to break the strike. It fell a dead man. A year later fired the army on strikers in Liverpool, sent by Churchill. Especially in Wales and Scotland remains in the memory of that violent interventions against workers alive. In South Wales, he is not have been welcome. In 1919, he sent, as minister of War, 10,000 troops and six tanks to Glasgow to the city to occupy and strike to break. There was a struggle for a reduction of the 60-hour week. Churchill was like the death for the rise of socialism and communism. In the fight against the “red abyss” were all allies well. In 1922, he sent Benito Mussolini, therefore, an accolade. “What a man. I am my heart is lost, ” he wrote. Mussolini had just with street violence and his march on Rome, the first step to the dictatorship. “Your movement has the whole world a disservice,” says Churchill. That movement was fascism.

The ruthless colonial: ‘They breed like rabbits’ – The mark that yesterday everywhere-comers: 4 million deaths. The darkest passage of the colonial Churchill was in 1943, in the then colony of India. The British had the Bengal rice crop of that year to complete, and to their own country shipped. When a famine broke out, gave Canada and the US food aid. Oorlogspremier Churchill refused to let. It was the Indians themselves: ‘They breed like rabbits.’ Later Churchill about Mahatma Gandhi say that he is better vertrappeld was by an elephant. In his second term as prime minister in the fifties, when he joined the racing on in the British protectorate of Kenya. Honderdvijftigduizend Africans were deported to make way for white farmers. They were housed in villages surrounded by barbed wire. Political opponents were imprisoned, tortured, executed. The prime minister also agreed to the establishment of prison camps and forced labor for rebels and sympathizers. When Obama became president, he sent the bust of Churchill from the Oval Office to remove that Bush there as inspiration. His Kenyan grandfather was in the British gulags’ torment.

The terreurexpert: “I am a strong advocate of chemical weapons’

The longer version: “I am a strong advocate of the use of chemical weapons against uncivilized tribes.’ That statement did Churchill in 1919, as minister of War. He wanted to ‘experiment’ to Kurds and rebellious Arabs in Iraq, a terror to hunt. “We must not immediately the deadliest weapons to use”, he added and pointed, to begin with, on the gas. Chemical warfare he saw as ‘an application of western science’. If the military had Churchill the effect of terror can have the experience in Afghanistan and Pakistan. He exclaimed with joy about the ‘systematic approach’ to which he himself had contributed. ‘Villages were burned to the ground. The wells will be muted. Towers blown up. The trees that shade gave chopped down. The harvest was destroyed and stocks ransacked.’

Terror was also something he closer to home. As minister of Colonies, he founded in 1920 the paramilitary militia Black and Tans, the Irish rebellion were to break. It caused atrocities, killings and arson. And at the end of the Second world War, he left Hamburg and Dresden platbombarderen, German cities that are less than military importance.

The rassenideoloog: ‘The Aryan tribe is destined to triumph ” Churchill saw the indigenous population in Asia and Africa as savages, who are as little children prostrated to the crown. When they rebelled, slew the mood to. ‘I hate Indians, ” he said. “It’s a beastly people with a beastly religion.” The white race was superior. “I don’t give that to the indians in America, great injustice is done, nor the black people in Australia. I don’t care that these people have been wronged because of a stronger race, a race of a high degree, a more sophisticated kind of race, their place, ” he said at the end of 30 years.Often, those insights defended as a sign of that time. But prime minister Baldwin, who ruled during the interwar period, was by cabinet staff urged Churchill not to function anymore to give. Because his ideas about race ‘obsolete’ and his views on colonialism ‘brutal’ it was. The British breed crossed according to Churchill, above all else, and that had to remain so. As minister of Domestic Affairs, he asked in 1910 to 100,000 in spiritually degenerate British sterilized’, and thousands more are in camps to stop to the purity of the British race to strengthen.

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