Trump: ‘I deserve the Nobel prize for Peace’

1dae5fa3712c858852bc480b6be65c61 - Trump: ‘I deserve the Nobel prize for Peace’

At the press conference where he was the promulgation of the state of emergency proclaimed, showed the American president Donald Trump also mentioned why he’s the Nobel Peace prize deserves. “I have seen many people saved.”

At the press conference Friday was also assesses the outlook to Trumps forthcoming meeting with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, which the president a story couldn’t live up about a conversation between him and his predecessor, Barack Obama. According to Trump, Obama said to him when that North Korea is the largest challenge was, and that they are on the verge of war were.

‘And where are we now? There are no rockets left fired, not nuclear tests are executed. But the most important thing of all: I have a good relationship with Kim Jong-un.’ And that earns him a Nobel prize.

“The Japanese prime minister Abe gave me a copy of the beautiful letter which he had sent to the people who have something to give away that Nobel prize is called”, said Trump. “He said that he had been nominated on behalf of the whole of Japan. Many other people think the same. I will probably never get, but that’s okay, ” said Trump, though he was not yet told.

‘Obama got the Nobel prize, but don’t even know why. I stopped the slaughter of three million people in the Syrian province of Idlib, but there talk to anyone about. Russia, Iran, and Syria went three million people destroy to 45.000 terrorists to get hold of. When I got there air got through to a woman whose parents and brother still lived, I thought “no, I can’t let that happen.” I brought a statement from, “you better not”. Russia, Iran, and Syria have not attacked, and if they do, they do it very carefully. I have seen many people saved.”

‘This government is doing a tremendous work for which we are not always recognized, but I think the people understand’, he continued Trump. ‘Abe wrote a letter of five pages long. Why? Because they are in Japan now able to feel safe, and I have ensured,’ says the president.

“It was a difficult dialogue in the beginning, fire and fury, my knob is bigger than yours, remember you still? And people said I was crazy. But look, it ended with a good relationship between Kim Jong-un, and me, I have made him very happy, and he likes me too. No one else would have succeeded.’

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