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Tonight on tv: Cate Blanchett, Heath Ledger or Kimberley

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This is Kimberly. Kimberly participates in ‘Temptation Island’. Kimberly says: “I’m kind of a special case. So, it would be possible that people looking back I will remember.’ Who no like to get up tonight ‘Temptation Island’ look, we can have three movies to recommend.


NPO3, 22.30-0.30 hour

When a tortured Tsjetsjeens-Russian immigrant turns up in Hamburg and the fortune of his deceased father tries to get, the alarm bells off at the German and American security services. Is the immigrant a wolf in schaapsvacht, or is he really an oppressed victim?


Canvas, 21.20-22.55 hours

Jasmine really does have it all. A man and a son to immaculate, a chic apartment in Manhattan and suits of Chanel in all the colors. Her sister, Ginger comes less glamorous paths. But when the life of Jasmine collapses, is Ginger the only one with whom she terechtkan.


Five, 20.35-22.40 pm

It begins as it always begins. With four couples who meet each other one last kiss and then each have their own side of the island to look up to by a lot of singles to packing. It starts again. It is but you know that.


Four, 20.35-23.10 hours

In an attempt to be in the favor of a dazzling damsel to work, and also a large number of gold coins within, to rijven, creeps groomsman Heath Ledger in the armor of a noble knight. A ridderepos in which the medieval characters, cheerful tunes of Queen and David Bowie at best.

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