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This F1 car must be a Ferrari champion make

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Ferrari SF90

Ferrari has today announced its new car for F1 season 2019 proposed. The presentation of the new F1 car took place in the Italian Maranello and the fans followed live.

Since 2008, Ferrari is already waiting for a new world title in the Formula 1, the last riders title dates even from 2007. When passed Kimi were times in it in order to be world champion crowns.

A few times they were there at Ferrari to be close to, such as with Fernando Alonso. In 2015, joined Sebastian Vettel in a Ferrari in the lot after four world titles in a row with the Red Bull F1 team a fifth world title with Ferrari to achieve. Just like when Michael Schumacher was that transition smoothly, and was not the right way to new success.

Ferrari ran the past few years, mainly behind the facts and looked at since the introduction of the V6-hybridemotor at a disadvantage. Mercedes dominates since, after all, the Formula 1, but Ferrari knew during the past two years, the gap substantially to seal.

Under the leadership of the new team boss Mattia Binotto wants to Ferrari this year for nothing less than both world titles. Sebastian Vettel will undoubtedly be the spearhead of that titelcampagne forms all he gets with the 21-year-old Charles Leclerc, however, a challenging and fast teammate next to him.

Kimi were times, which, in recent years, the teammate of Vettel, made the switch to Alfa Romeo Racing and asked if his F1 retirement with at least two years. It is now especially look forward to how Vettel and Leclerc with each other will work together and whether there are any tensions that the titelcampagne sticks in the wheels of stitches.

The tifosi, the spirited fans of Ferrari, will also this year with nothing less than the world title are satisfied. Wait and see if Ferrari them this year again will disappoint …



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