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Temptation Island is the studentenkot outgrown

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The sun may today already plenty of shine, in the evening it cools down still significantly. Fortunately there is the new season of Temptation Island in order to heat it up. But what do you mean, Temptation Island on Friday? What about all those living in student rooms students who previously during the week samentroepten to go to the program to look?

By tonight the new season of Temptation Island in primetime on us to fire, FIVE the direct competition of VTM, that the voters since last week trying to delight you with the sixth volume of The Voice van Vlaanderen. Nonetheless, that is not the main reason for the programming to slide, so it sounds at SBS Belgium, the parent company of the television channels to FOUR, FIVE and SIX.

‘The week in FOUR today, packed with own productions such as The Day, Topdokters and Hotel Römantiek. That own productions we had in the past not always. On Friday night, choose FOUR, however, for a movie. As a result, the good within our group Temptation Island on that day to be programmed. In addition, the program can hopefully develop into the perfect start of the weekend, ” says Kristof Demasure, spokesperson of SBS.

Demasure: ‘Temptation Island has become a long history. More than ten years ago it was still a has asked them to fill on the former VT4. Then it was a guilty pleasure on the weekdays. The previous season of Temptation Island, however, is very widely picked up, which we now think of the program as a ‘third life’ to be able to give, on the Friday night in primetime. It is certainly still not a family programme, it will continue to be targeted at viewers older than sixteen. But it reaches now a much wider audience than the studentenmilieu.’

“We are targeting the 400,000 viewers of the program on the tv that night will follow”, concludes Demasure. ‘On Tuesday the program is also rebroadcast. And then of course there are still other ways to look that are very popular nowadays, such as postponed or look online. Who on Friday night really can’t, so it has plenty of other options.’

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