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Suninen takes the lead, with Neuville and Ogier will go into the error in Rally of Sweden

805a21d8b2cc418e2c779121d2982264 - Suninen takes the lead, with Neuville and Ogier will go into the error in Rally of Sweden

Teemu Suninen (Ford Fiesta WRC) is the surprising new leader in the Rally of Sweden, the second round in the world championship. The Fin has a lead of 5.7 seconds on the first pursuer and fellow countryman Jari-Matti Latvala (Toyota Yaris WRC). Thierry Neuville (Hyundai i20 Coupe WRC) spun off Friday afternoon in the opening stage, and is diminished to the seventh place, at 45.1 seconds of Suninen.

Worse was Sébastien Ogier (Citroen C3 WRC). The Frenchman hit just as Thierry Neuville a sneeuwmuur, but could his game not continue. Citroën confirmed on Twitter it is the task of the French world cup leader, that Friday no longer comes into action in the remaining two klassementsritten of the day. Saturday, he re-of the party.

The conditions were Friday afternoon, completely different in comparison with the morning session. The thin layer of snow gave way to a mix of gravel and mud, making the nagelbanden not at all to their right came. Neuville started with the knife between the teeth. Halfway through the first ride, he ran to 12 seconds on Ogier, he twice was a mistake, and with a front left damaged Hyundai the finish achieved. “This is not a sneeuwrally more, but a gravelrally. I hit two times a sneeuwmuur and spun,” said the Oostkantonner.

In the sixth klassementsrit went to Ogier in the error. He touched the left and right sneeuwmuur, after which he made his Citroën on top of a sneeuwmuur parked and not more for – or backwards could drive. “I have Sébastien and Julien (Ingrassia) in addition to the car. They are okay”, said Neuville at the finish line. “I’m a bit concerned for my tires. We still have two more rides to ride.”

Such as that in a gravelrally is usually the case, are the riders who start in the advantage. Also Teemu Suninen. The Fin was Friday morning immediately in the rhythm and seemed to be in the afternoon of the conditions to take advantage of.

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