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Standard wins in house of Lokeren and jumps to third place

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Standard continues to roll: after the 3-1 victory against red lantern Lokeren jump the Rouches for now Antwerp to be at the same height with Club Brugge in second place. In the second half played Standard a bit with fire, but beyond the eerredder of Olivier Deschacht came the visitors.

Standard has yet but once the dots on the i put. Although doktersbriefjes a week earlier, the absence of a razor sharp Standard, Genk wettigden, demanded Michel Preud’homme after 4 to 9 a reaction of his men. With Emond back from injury he had, moreover, a striker. Not that the Standard required would have had. It took less than five minutes to honor it was evident that the Rouches their sixth home win in a row with the fingers in the nose would books.

Glen De Boeck had a sick Marecek miss, on top of the injured Miric. A week after he Overmeire ninety minutes long Refaelov dropped shadows, he picked up this time out with a vijfmansdefensie with Skulason, the last few weeks in the tribune. But you know the expression about donkeys and koerspaarden. Or do you think that Lokeren by chance at the bottom is? Mpoku, Carcela, Marin and Lestienne had but a moment to gallop on to the donkeys leave behind.

Note: our apologies for anyone who noticed, and suspect that we are not in agreement with the average intelligence of the Lokeren players. That is unintentional.

Initially it seemed Verhulst again to throw to the rescue. A shot from Marin was way to punch. Eye-to-eye with Lestienne, he saved well with the feet. A header from Vanheusden picked up Verhulst also. But the shooting gallery was on the verge of collapse. Especially because Lokeren on the other side three times, completely botched, by Hupperts. Especially how he is a man of Terki completely wrong headed, was a paragon of ignorance. When Ben Harush – the kind of player that makes you wonder how in the hell is in Belgium ended up – the ball is lost and Marin was deeply sent, had Verhulst no story more: 1-0. Wonderful how that 22-year-old Romanian, his fourth of the season within poked.

Not much later, again the same: Filipovic by Lestienne from the centre lured, Mpoku runs in the hole and is then again Lestienne: 2-0. Verhulst was also that Emond still 3-0.


De Boeck sent in, and grip in the second half back to a viermansdefensie. Master-illusionists are the Standard. That Lokeren equally believed that there might be something to pick up fell, was Standard on cruise control played. The ultimate illusion. Let that be still a gap where Preud’homme is undoubtedly rot annoys. The job clinical finish, that should be Standard, yet still learning. Apparently they have, all too often a wake up call is needed. On a counter, forced Deschacht goalkeeper Ochoa to a rescue with the foot. Standard put right away in order to. David Copperfield himself, Mehdi ‘Magicien’ Carcela left Emond the offside trap to slip: 3-0.

Lokeren scored later on a corner, through Deschacht, whose second of the season, him third in the ” Lokerse topschutterstsand. And that for a defender today 38 is….

Already a luck that Ochoa still brought salvation to a blast of Musona or Standard had bibbergeld paid. Totally unnecessary. Koerspaarden and… you get the idea. Depending on what Charleroi and Ghent can do Standard next week against the Buffalo already ensure participation in Play-off 1. And Lokeren, well that following Saturday, Mouscron, yet again the root of the rescue before us. One day it stops, and rest for the ass nothing but beams.

Sunday will be with the Club Brugge-Genk and Antwerp-Anderlecht two toppers finished, Saturday may Waasland-Beveren and Oostende at the bottom again, away from (a, militant) Lokeren.

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