Spanish prime minister Sánchez writes early elections

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The Spanish prime minister Pedro Sánchez has Friday announced that the Spaniards on april 28, early to the polls may attract.

Sánchez suffered Wednesday a series of defeat, when the draft of his socialist minority government was voted down by the parliament. 191 of the 350 members of parliament voted then against the budget, compared to 158 votes for and one abstention.

“When the choice has nothing to do and to go without a budget, or the Spaniards the chance to give their say, I opted for the latter,” said Sánchez Friday during a televised address that followed a council of ministers. ‘Spain has, there is a need to move forward, to keep going, with attention to the common sense, tolerance, respect and moderation. I have therefore decided the parliament to dissolve and for 28 april early elections to write.”

Sánchez was only last June by the prime minister of Spain, after the previous conservative government of Mariano Rajoy, a vote of confidence in had lost. His government is based on less than a quarter of the seats in the parliament, and therefore had the support of smaller regional parties, including the Catalans, to the budget proposal it.

The Catalan parties are, however, displeased with the refusal of the government to talk about a onafhankelijkheidsreferendum for their region. They voted, therefore, just as the conservatives, against the draft budget, which immediately meant the end of the government-Sánchez.

Bad time

If the polls are right, then can the moment of the fall for Sanchez, not worse. According to a poll of Celeste-Tel would be the three right-wing parties, Partido Popular, Ciudadanos and the extreme right-wing Vox together 51,2 percent of the voters love it. The socialist party PSOE of Sánchez and Podemos would but to 39.5 percent get. Question is of course whether the Partido Popular and Ciudadanos in the sea would go if they with three the majority would get.

In these turbulent times, it is completely unclear how the future of Catalonia will look like. While elsewhere in Madrid, it was in these days some of the important Catalan separatist leaders facing trial and years in prison to risk, have their members of parliament in the government to a compromise with them was looking at a dead end. It seems that the separatists in Barcelona on a collision course with Madrid stay.

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