See you tonight to The Voice or to Temptation Island?

Tonight starts at FIVE, the long-awaited eleventh season of Temptation Island. No longer on a weekday, but on Friday. And this is FIVE to avoid direct competition with The Voice van Vlaanderen on VTM. The station hopes, of course, also the VTM-viewer “foreign will”.

The Voice knew last week, a good start with a million viewers, but now gets immediately stiff competition from the sultry adventures on Temptation Island. Both programs begin at 20h35 to FIVE, has an edge because they an hour early to start with the Temptation Takeoff special.

FIVE left already know that it’s not a conscious move to their kijkcijfersucces towards The Voice, but that they Temptation Island will be the ideal time to start the weekend because the program is often among friends.

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