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Scheidsrechtersbaas Rosetti move VAR out of the wind after controversy in Ajax – Real Madrid

The videoscheidsrechter did last week, with the start of the heenwedstrijden of the eighth-finals, arrived in the Champions League. But the VAR made immediately for the necessary commotion, when the videoref goal for Ajax against Real Madrid rejected. “The decision of the VAR is correct and the goal is rightly disallowed”, stressed Roberto Rosetti, head of the scheidsrechtersdepartement of the European football association, UEFA, on Friday.

Ajax seemed, for a moment, resting against Real lead climbing. After a header connector Is located on the corner fumbled Thibaut Courtois half next to the ball, and then Tagliafico February-1-0 nodded. But, for example, in the VAR, Tadic was at the time of scoring offside and influenced with the presence of Courtois. The goal was disallowed, and ultimately won, a cunning Real with 1-2.

“The ref ruled that the Ajax players (Tadic, ed.) offside stood and interfereerde with the goalkeeper,” explains the Italian ex-referee on the UEFA site. “He disturbed the goalkeeper, at the moment of the header, to the game to take part. This stage was in line with the VAR-protocol and the goal is rightly disallowed.”

It took a few moments for the VAR with its decision. “The important thing is that the arbitrator made a correct decision,” said Rosetti. “Accuracy is more important than speed. Nevertheless, we want to be as efficient as possible and we will in the future continue to work. But we had in this specific case, taking into account a very complex situation, where the VAR two possible buitenspelsituaties had to check and had to verify the game was affected.”

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