President of Haiti speaks for the first time since protests people: ‘I’m not going to blow’

4a891c688d846282118f832c46292a90 - President of Haiti speaks for the first time since protests people: ‘I'm not going to blow’

More than a week after the outbreak of mass protests against the government, the Haitian president Jovenel Moïse Thursday to his people, used. In a pre-recorded speech, which was broadcast on the state broadcaster TNH, he said that he had ” the country is not in the hands of armed gangs and drug smugglers, will let’. He calls for a dialogue with the opposition to end the crisis.

On Haiti are already more than a week, thousands of people on the street to the dismissal of Moïse to requirements. Reason for the discontent was the publication of a report by the end of January of the court of audit which showed that the government money as possible darkened from a temple for the reconstruction of Haiti after the major earthquake in 2010. The demonstrations, which especially young people participate in, there are sometimes very violent. Since the beginning of the protests fell at least seven dead.

In his speech, said Moïse, who two years in power, that he refuses to steps. ‘We already have a series of overgangsregeringen known that a series of disasters and chaos brought with them’, said the head of state. He announced a series of measures. “I have got to the premier asked to have them come to explain and they are quick to apply to our misery to alleviate.’

America calls on diplomats back

Meanwhile, announced the American ministry of Foreign Affairs that all ‘non-essential’ diplomatic staff from Haiti recalls. For those who still remain, proposed a list of recommendations.

The ministry also warns other Americans on the island for ‘crime and marital instability’. “The U.s. government has limited capabilities to provide emergency aid to American citizens in Haiti.’

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