Nicaragua let 1.172 caught pretty for Valentine’s day, but Belgian student gets no grace

4c82a7e02ae2021d8a7f9ebcfc61ae44 - Nicaragua let 1.172 caught pretty for Valentine's day, but Belgian student gets no grace

Nicaragua has Thursday on the occasion of Valentine’s day 1.172 prisoners were released. That has the vice president, Rosario Murillo, the wife of president Daniel Ortega, announced. None of the more than 750 campaigners who are stuck, under whom also the 24-year-old Belgian-Nicaraguan student of Amaya Coppens, however, is grace.

“To love, friendship and family to celebrate, today 1.172 brothers and sisters who were in jail, to house turned,” said Murillo. “We wish them a harmonious family life and that God gave them a new chance at a good and righteous life.” Only prisoners with a prison sentence of 5 years or less live and good conduct showed, were eligible for release.

In a similar gratieverlening during the christmas season were all around 1,100 prisoners were released. Also, at that time, held opponents out of the boat.

Belgian since september in cell

In Nicaragua took place from march to October 2018 continuing protests take place against Ortega that violently were killed. In total fell, according to human rights organisations, at least 325 dead. According to ngos, there are up on today’s arrests.

The Belgian-Nicaraguan student of medicine Amaya Coppens (24) is since september. She led a student movement that protests carried out against Ortega and is accused of ‘domestic terrorism’. At the end of February she would be brought to justice.

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