Marathon FC De Kampioenen has great success

dd3e6927cf583651d6a040366a9b13c9 - Marathon FC De Kampioenen has great success

The F. C. De Kampioenen-marathon is a great success! Kinepolis Antwerp is a marathon of 24 hours on the program. There are now 1005 seats in the cinema is reserved by fans. Also the hat-tricks are a shot in the rose. All 1522 Flemish sign as present for 2.5 hours Champions-fun. Since today is the locations of Antwerp and Ghent, Hasselt added. That makes a total of 2527 tickets out the door.

“We keep the next few days finger to the wrist to any additional rooms open up to the numerous Champions-fans to receive on 15 and 16 march, the VRT Friday afternoon know.

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