Luka Bloom celebrates special anniversary in The Roma

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For the fifth time, to welcome The Roma, the Irish singer-songwriter Luka Bloom. But this time is special, because Luka Bloom celebrates its thirtieth anniversary.
Armed with his acoustic guitar and his wonderful voice puts Luka Bloom every audience in his back pocket. The Irish singer-songwriter intrigues with a particular guitar sound, because sometimes it sounds like there are multiple guitarists on stage. The choice of songs always remains interesting, with in addition a lot of their own classics also carefully chosen covers.

Luka Bloom, the stage name of Barry Moore, is also a welcome guest at both Belgian and Dutch venues and festivals and in the Low Countries a particularly loyal audience built up. On the podium of The Roma and he stood a whopping five times, the last two times for a full room. In 2017 he released his latest album ‘Refuge’. In the year 2019, the Irish musician, however a nice reason to return to Borgerhout: 30 years ago, brought his doorbraakplaat ‘Riverside’ (with o.a. the beautiful folknummer ‘You Couldn’t Have Come At A Better Time”) to him for the first time to Belgium. An anniversary that he wants to share with the audience of The Roma. Tickets are on sale from Friday 15 February to 14 via

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