Jihadbruid want to return for unborn child: ‘I have no regrets’

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In 2015 left the British teenage girl Shamima Begum to Syria. Now she wants to return to the United Kingdom.

Shamima Begum, Kadiza Sultana and Amira Abase flew in 2015 from London to Istanbul to the border with Syria crossed it. They were then between fifteen and sixteen years old. Three months earlier, went Sharmeena Begum them.

Wednesday spoke to Shamima Begum, now nineteen years of age, with a journalist of the Times from a refugee camp in the northeast of Syria. ‘I do everything what is necessary in order to return home and calm with my child’s life, ” she says.

The teenager is nine months pregnant. Previously, she lost two children. Her son of eight months died three months ago, she says. He was malnourished and sick. In a hospital in the IS-area, they could not help him. There was little medicine and doctors. Then it was her daughter sick. They, too, died. The girl was almost two years old.

No regrets

Because she turns up very pregnant, decided Begum to go to a refugee camp to flee. Her husband surrendered to Syrian troops. Now she wants to return to the United Kingdom because they are not yet a child wants to lose. “I know that the cared for will be, yet in terms of health.”

Regret of her stay in Syria she has not. “It was like a normal life,” she says in the interview with the Times. ‘Like the life that they are in the propagandavideo’s show. It is a normal life, but occasionally there were bombs and such.’

She tells them that she never executions has seen. “But I saw a decapitated head in the trash can. It did nothing to me.’ The loss of her children fell on her really hard. “It came out of nowhere, it was so hard.’



Her desire to return, has met with resistance in her homeland. “My message is clear’, says Sajid Javid, the British minister of the Interior. ‘If you have a terrorist organisation abroad have supported, then I will not hesitate to return to prevent. We must remember that those who go to Syria are drawn filled with hatred for our country.’

However, one who returns, according to the minister may be prosecuted.

Her family is calling for forgiveness. “She was so young,” says her brother-in-law Mohammed Rahman to the Times. “I don’t think they have the life experience had to make such a decision.’

Other girls

Ten days after Begum in 2015 in Raqqa had arrived, she married the 27-year-old Dutchman, Yago Riedijk. Her friend Sultana married, allegedly with an American-warrior with Somali roots. She told her family early on that she disillusioned was touched on life in Raqqa, but that fear had to return. In August 2016, at the age of 17, she is most likely to be in an air strike on Raqqa.

The other two girls would still be alive. According to Shamima Begum, they would in Baghuz stay, IS the last stronghold.

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