Ja Rule wants to re-organizing a festival after vision loss around devil’s own hand, Fyre Festival

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You can say Yes, you Rule what you want, but a go-getter he is. Barely two years after Fyre Festival, of which American rapper is one of the organisers was on epic way flopped, he wants to again, a music festival on the legs.

Almost a month after the release of two documentaries about the debacle around the festival reveals the 42-year-old rapper that he is again wanting to organise an event. “I am planning the ICONNic-festival”, he tells TMZ. The rapper also refers to his new app ICONNic, users allows well-known artists to books.

The idea of ICONNic is exactly the same as that of FYRE, the app that Ja Rule has developed, with the internet entrepreneur Billy McFarland and launched on the by them organised Fyre Festival. For the Fyre Festival showed McFarland investors under false pretenses 26 million (nearly 21 million) in its business, and the festival of stitches. The internet entrepreneur was in October 2018 was sentenced to six years in prison for fraud.

In early February, McFarland, and Ja Rule also sentenced to a 3 million dollar to an investor to pay back. Another victim filed a group action for a total of $ 100 million. That lawsuit is still pending

The failed festival, that was at the Bahamas in april 2017, was initially touted as a luxurious, exclusive party and well-known models were paid to promote it on social media. When the first visitors flocked to the Bahamas, however, it proved a big chaos on the island. Instead of spending the night in posh bungalows there were noodtenten ready, the luxemaaltijden consisted of sandwiches with cheese. Also, there was a shortage of water and medical care. To make matters worse, it undertook a major headliner at the last moment. The festival therefore had to at the last moment be cancelled.

“It’s the most iconic festival that there never are,” said Ja Rule still against TMZ. The rapper then admits that he has the two documentaries about the festival, not seen. He feels that he there is enough under ago. “I find nothing funny about, it breaks my heart,” he says.

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