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Ivan Leko was angry at the peace and aired his heart after the victory of Club Brugge: “What I read in the papers is correct just not”

18c2289b709778bea686e5a1cebdc1df - Ivan Leko was angry at the peace and aired his heart after the victory of Club Brugge: “What I read in the papers is correct just not”

Club Brugge has Salzburg on Thursday its first defeat of the season assigned. Stefano Denswil (64.) and Wesley (81.) made the opening goal from Zlatko Junuzovic (17.) undo. “During the break, I was really angry”, said Club Brugge coach Ivan Leko, who in retrospect clearly his heart had skies after the criticism of the last few weeks.

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Club Brugge


2 – 1

Red Bull Salzburg

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Club Brugge won for the first time since november 2015, a European ” home, for the Salzburg came to an end a series of 31 matches without defeat. “We knew against a team would play that long unbeaten, and 18 on 18 grabbed in the Europa League. Yet, I believed in a good result”, said the Croatian. “But a few players made mistakes in the balcirculatie, and the trust disappeared.”

In the first half, there were indeed a lot of sloppiness in the Bruges game. Leko threw in the rest Diatta and Poulain in the team, they were a positive notice. “During the break, I was really angry. In the first half we played with too much stress. We were afraid to make mistakes. That was not the normal Club. We showed too much respect. I wanted to be a team with energy, we had to take risks.”

Blue-black defends next Thursday in Salzburg, the narrow victory. “I think we definitely have a chance to advance,” said Leko. “I love this Salzburg. This is a team with energy and quality, with a strong coach.”

“After the doubts around me, I am very proud”

Sunday will receive Club Brugge leader Racing Genk in the topper of the 26th match day in the Jupiler Pro League. The victory against Salzburg was already a compliment, after a few minor results in the league. “Not until tomorrow, we talk about Sunday. For the match we have not one word is said about Genk. I believe in my team, this team has energy and passion. We will see on Sunday which team is currently the best in Belgium. Today I have mentality, commitment and energy seen. After the doubts around me, I am very proud of the performance of my players. This we have in twenty months made: an institution where everyone respect. For that reason, I’m super proud of my first day to the last day here. Then we will see.”

It was clear that Leko and his heart just had to vent: “That is just so”, he responded afterwards for the camera of sporza. “If it is spoken, it must be about facts. If today I the energy of the players and supporters see, and then every day read in the papers… That’s right just don’t. For that reason, I’m super proud of my players and the supporters.”

“Club Brugge has a victory earned”

“Club Brugge has this victory earned,” said Salzburg coach Marco Rose, after the end. In Bruges came to Salzburg to an end a series of 31 matches without defeat. “Our performance was however solid”, asked Rose. “It was a tough match against a physically strong opponent. It was tough, that first match in two months. But we knew that in advance. Especially in the second half did Club Brugge and the good, they have the victory than deserved.”

Rose also raised the poor state of the pitch. “The terrain was better than I had thought. But actually, this field is no European competition may take place.”

The Salzburg-coach believes certainly in a good outcome. “When we get home, make a goal and no goal to swallow, then punches through. This 2-1 is not a droomuitslag. But we certainly can still win the next round.”

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