India accuses Pakistan of bloody attacks with at least forty deaths

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India accuses Pakistan of involvement in an attack on the Indian paramilitaries in Kashmir. When that attack came Thursday, at least forty people were killed.

The attack on Thursday, according to international media, the deadliest on Indian security forces in thirty years, was directed against a convoy of the Central Reserve Police Force. They happened on a highway in the district of Pulwama, a stronghold of islamist militants. According to the police drove a young man with a car loaded with 450 kilograms of explosives, against a bus of the convoy, which the military to the city of Srinagar and brought.

The carnage has been claimed by the Pakistan-born islamist group Jaish-e Mohammad.

India has to say, however, about ‘irrefutable proof’ that Pakistan is directly involved in the attack, said Finance minister Arun Jaitley on Friday to the press.

‘Appropriate response’

“The Indian security forces will take the necessary steps to ensure that those who this terrible terrorist act have committed, just as the ones this action is actively supported, a high price to pay,” said Jaitley. The Indian prime minister Narendra Modi also announced that there is a suitable reply would follow.

The United States called Pakistan, in their turn, to no support, or shelter services to terror groups.

Struggle since 1947

Islamabad itself denies strongly that it is in any way involved.

India and Pakistan have been fighting since the beginning of their independence from Britain in 1947 to control the Kasjmirvallei, in the west of the Himalayas. In the Indian part of Kashmir started in the mid-eighties a separatist insurgency, in which more than 45,000 people have died.

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