France submits it to Italy: ambassador should return to Rome

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Christian Masset, the ambassador to France was recalled from Italy, should return to Rome. The French government was angry about criticism from the Italian angle, but in the meantime, the old friends have settled.

“The French ambassador will today return to Rome”, said minister Nathalie Loiseau Friday on RTL. According to Loiseau, the Italian president Sergio Mattarella with his French counterpart Emmanuel Macron called and they confirmed the importance of the friendship and how the two countries need each other’.

That friendship was last week, however, under great pressure. For the first time since the Second world War, called France his ambassador returned from Italy. The French government was annoyed already at the criticism from the Italian government on migration policy, but it was a pr-stunt of deputy prime minister Luigi di Maio that the bucket did overflow.

The head of the populist Vijfsterrenbeweging went to France to representatives of the yellow vests to meet, and put also proud of a picture of on Twitter. Di Maio tried later, and the minds to reason by suggesting that he was in France in the capacity of chairman and not as regeringslid, but then the harm had already been done.

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