Former Republican governor would Trump challenge

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Bill Weld, a former American governor, wants to stand as a candidate in the Republican party for the presidential election of 2020. He would thus, as the first official battle against Donald Trump. Weld describes the current president as ‘bully of the schoolyard’.

Weld was in the previous elections candidate vice president of the libertarian candidate-for president Gary Johnson. He said during the campaign for the race to the White House as though that Trump ‘a vijs is loose’.

The Republican said Friday that he is worried. “The energy of our society is being undermined by a culture of division of the president in Washington. Through all those worries, I have an exploratory committee was established as a Republican to participate in the elections of 2020”, said Weld Friday in Bedford, New Hampshire.

The 73-year-old Weld stamped Trump on Friday as a ‘bully of the schoolyard’, ‘unstable’ and ‘a president whose priorities are focused on the admiration of himself instead of on the well-being of the country’.

Weld is from Massachusetts and is considered a progressive Republican. In the nineties, he held two times the mandate of the governor.

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