Family Franco has fifteen days to the new cemetery to choose

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The excavation of the mortal remains of the Spanish dictator Francisco Franco is soon a fact. The Spanish government has the family of the deceased dictator for fifteen days the time given to a new begraafplek to search, declared minister of Justice, Dolores Delgado.

After the Spanish parliament last year the green light was given for the exhumation, the family of Franco that the remnants could move into the Almudena cathedral in the centre of Madrid. That was by the government, however, resolutely refused out of fear that the religious site would become a place of pilgrimage for followers of Franco and his fascist policies.

Prime minister Pedro Sanchez had to his arrival of the reburial of Franco, one of his most important points made. The monumental grafsite of the dictator is already more than four decades in the Valley of the Fallen in the Sierra de Guadarrama mountains, about forty kilometers northwest of Madrid. The mausoleum is today a pilgrimage site for supporters of Franco and right-wing extremists. That was the ruling socialists a thorn in the eye. Many conservative politicians and also the family of Franco had himself, however, against the plans of the government-Sanchez pronounced, among other things because the ” old wounds could disembowelling’.

In Spain, there is decades of arguments about the mausoleum, that from 1940 in nineteen years time to 20,000 Republican prisoners from the rocks was hewn. In addition to Franco are almost 40,000 fighters and soldiers buried on both sides during the Spanish civil War (1936-1939).

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