‘Deadpool’-screenwriters jump overboard: the future of new ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’movie uncertain

0ffdf186bff6991890a71bc1d6975e77 - 'Deadpool'-screenwriters jump overboard: the future of new 'Pirates of the Caribbean'movie uncertain

The attempt to ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’franchise to breathe new life into threatens to be a damp squib. The scenaristenduo behind the success of ‘Deadpool’ will withdraw from the project, making the entire production on loose screws. That report entertainmentmagazine Variety.

A new ‘Pirates of the Caribbean’movie – for those who are still waiting for – seems still not for tomorrow. Sean Bailey, the head of film production at Disney, saw, according to insiders, with heavy eyes to how Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, with their script one of the masters behind the success of actiekomedie ‘Deadpool’ overboard jumps. After Johnny Depp, his character Jack Sparrow is one of the mainstays of the franchise, announced no role in the new film threatens to be the flagship of Walt Disney Studios Motion Pictures no sixth part to get.

The on board pick up from Reese and Wernick was in October last year still are cheering welcome. The screenwriters would be “pirates do rock” and the franchise the necessary “kick under the ass” to get back to the brand, the allure and popularity of the early days, says Bailey. But that hope evaporated the past few weeks.

It is still coffee grounds to see what the next move is. Some sources report that the search for a worthy replacement is already underway, others claim that the ship early and got stranded, and may be permanently salvaged.

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